Smart move, or not?

Yesterday, I came across a great deal. I picked up this router at a local computer store for $49.99 CAD, $100 CAD off regular price.

The intension is to add this router to my ISP supplied modem/router combo by disabling ISP’s router. It will go at my remote location where I have three v3 cams that don’t perform satisfactory due to poor network infrastructure.

I’ve set up this router at home for now to monitor its behaviour. Installation was s breeze. It has enough settings accessible through a web portal, but personally I would like if it had more. Not a deal breaker. What I find it strange is that it only offers WPA2 and WPA/WPA2 protection. Not a deal breaker since it goes in the middle of nowhere with no one around.

Interesting thing is that my 10+ year old Netgear N600 Dual Band Gigabit router kicks it’s behind in numerous ways.

My question to all of you network gurus is: is this a good router or should I return it and spend some more money for a better one? First hand experience from someone who owns or owned one would be a bonus.

Thanks in advance,

Always good to replace the Providers Router with your own more robust router. The D-Links are normally a great router, no reason to think otherwise with this one.

If possible, I would remove the current router and only use the new one with the Access Points.

I have used a number of routers and have always used the Mesh Technology without issues. I am now using the Wyze Mesh Pro’s and these are working great. I used the Wyze Mesh routers - Standard, which also worked amazingly well. I have found a Mesh Networked seemed to function better than one with Access Points. But everyone’s experiences is different

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I’m not sure what you mean. The ISP’s gear is one single unit modem and router in one. I can’t physically separate them. What I’m planning to do, not sure if it’s possible is to disable the Wi-Fi feature in the settings and connect the new router to one of the ethernet ports. If I remember correctly there is way to set the crappy modem/router in a bridge mode too.

My networking knowledge is just a bit above novice, so I’ll play around next week when I get there and see what comes out of it. That is the reason I didn’t want to spend to much money. If I’m unable to make it work, 50 bucks is not a big loss.

Seems to be a deal breaker to me? Especially if that includes range and signal strength, which are the big issues in our IoT “space”.

That is what I’m thinking too. The range and signal strength doesn’t even come close to the old Netgear. However, this router is not a replacement for the Netgear, but for the no name ISP supplied router at a remote location. I’m hoping it will have better range and signal strength than that one.

In some cases it is not one gear. All I am recommending, in any case where you can remove the ISP Provided Router from the equation, I would.

At times, you can also purchase a Modem and Router separately. In this case you would only need the new router.

But, the D-Link does look like a good router

Yeah, I know but in my case I can only do it via software, unless I cut it in half :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks for the advice.

Unfortunately, the ISP does not allow replacing the modem.

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It’s been 48 hours since I installed the new D-Link router. Besides the signal distance being slightly shorter than my old Netgear router, it’s performing exceptionally well. None of my IoT devices have dropped, especially my v3s. No connection issues whatsoever. I think it will perform well at my remote location. I will know for sure this coming weekend. It’s play time, can’t hardly wait :slight_smile:


That is great news. let us know how the long term use pans out.

I hope you have good luck with your new gizmo but the :raccoon: :raccoon: gang at your hideaway said your internet service there still sucks because they can’t stream movies in their shed. :upside_down_face:

Funny thing is that I never had any issues with streaming, either Netflix, Roku, Apple TV+ or Plex, simultaneously on a TV and tablets while working remote. The only issues I have is the v3s and smart plugs losing connection.

Another interesting thing with the new router is that, if I separate the bands into different SSDs the coverage expands.

I discovered hidden features in the router that gives me more customizable options to it. So far, I’m liking it. We’ll see how it performs at the cottage.

It turns out that I won’t be going to my happy place and trying the new toy this weekend :cry:. The transmission on my Outlander died yesterday. Waiting for Mitsubishi to approve the warranty replacement. I was told by the time they approve, the transmission gets shipped from Japan and the time to install it, might take at least a week. What pisses me off is that the dealership is not offering me a loaner. I’ll have to rent a car out of my pocket :astonished:

I had a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup truck with 29,000 miles on it and the transmission died while I was in Missouri working. I found a dealer there and it took him about a week to get a new one under warranty. He was nice enough give me a used vehicle they had so I still had transportation. I put 243,000 miles on the new transmission without any issues. The :raccoon: :deer: gangs were waiting for your arrival and will be disappointed they have to wait.

They spent all that money on booze and now they have to drink it all without me.

Thanks for chuckle bud :+1:

See if you can find that :skunk: that was at your home one time and take over to the car dealership. The cheap @#$%& should have at least let you used a beater vehicle to drive around.

I’m going to rent a car and send a copy of the bill to Mitsubishi headquarters and hope they’ll reimburse me.

I was a Honda driver for about 25 years before and dealt with few different dealerships. I was always given a ride if the repairs would take a day or over.

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Maybe your vehicle insurance will pay??

Not likely here in Canada.

I’m back from the cottage and here is my review of D-Link AC 3000. Since I had the router at home preconfigured with the same SSID and password, install and connection tool less than a minute. Figuring out how to set ISP’s modem/router combo in Bridged Mode was a bit more challenging, but I made it work.

The signal strength was just a bit stronger than ISP router, but nothing to write home about. Might be my fault, I have 8inch thick walls insulated with mineral rock insulation. Hard for any WiFi to penetrate.

I only tested it for a day so I might not have given it a chance to shine. The next morning, all mu cameras had dropped and I was not able to reconnect them. I switched back to ISPs router and the cameras started coming back, but painfully. As I had to go home and had a six hour drive, I boxed the D-Link and brought it home. It turned out that cameras not behaving had nothing to do with the router. It was all Wyze. In any case, D-Link goes back to the store and I am thinking of getting an eero 6 (N010112)dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 router.

Anyone has anything good or bad to say about this router?


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