Smart Microwave Oven/Cooler

I envision a microwave oven that has one button or just touch sensitive metal, that opens or closes the door. There is no side panel of buttons, all functions are done on the color touch screen which includes recipes and cooking selections for time based on what I’m reheating or cooking. Humidity sensors detect when popcorn or other items are done and temperature probes can be stuck in meat. Once the food starts cooking the screen goes clear and you can see the food rotating in the back. It also uses Peltier Thermoelectric cooling so I can leave a meal inside ready to cook when I leave the office. It has Alexa built in as well as WiFi so I can tell it to start cooking as I’m driving home. As I am leaving work I could tell Alexa to make my meal and by the time I get home the meal is thawed, cooked and appropriately rested to the perfect eating temperature as I walk in the door. A phone app could determine if I’m held up in traffic and delay cooking.
If I touch the screen while it’s cooking it should automatically pause and give me the usual options after a pause aka start, stop or start over. If I need to stir it I can touch the metal surface to open the door stir the food, touch the metal and the door closes and I can choose resume on the screen which then goes clear again. Include some induction heating in there as well as all those smart sensors.
Heck what about a pellet chamber so I can smoke some ribs while containing the smoke inside the microwave and exhausting out all leaking air around the seals (if it is an above stove mounted unit with air exhaust)?
Or what if the door was a screen that rolled up like a window shade? Once the food is done the screen rolls out of the way, so I don’t have to fuss with the door to get my food in and out. Push a button and the door closes. Or if I have flies and want the door to stay closed that could be an option I set as a default to leave the door closed after cooking completes.
When not cooking the screen could display my Wyze cameras, calendar, pictures or just be blank.

wyze microwave

i think wyze realeseng a cheap smart alexa and google microwave is a great idea

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