Smart Light Bulb Socket

I would love to see Wyze make some light bulb sockets. Your light bulbs are great but don’t last forever. Tell me what you think.

Even better if it also had a USB port that could be used to power a Wyze Cam. While smart sockets exist on the market, it doesn’t appear that any of them also include a USB port.


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You can pair this with the Wyze plug.
Dumb light socket :grin:

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How about they add a USB port to the Wyze plug? Is there enough space in there?

Here’s the #wishlist topic for that:

Standalone lamp socket

There are multiple posts complaining about bad advertising of the Wyze lamp socket: from the ad it seems that the socket is a standalone device with a nice add-on USB charging port for a V3 cam. However, it is an accessory device for a V3 cam. You cannot control it without the V3 cam.

So I wish Wyze make a standalone smart lamp socket V2 which:

  1. Is a WiFi-connected device
  2. Can be controlled individually or as a group without cam/hub
  3. Also has a USB port for a cam
  4. And USB connected motion sensor that can be attached next to the socket and used to control the socket or a group of sockets

Also, I have a wishlist for the lamp socket V1 in a separate post.


And controlled via Google Home or Amazon Alexa, not just the phone.