Smart home integration

Hi I use multiple smart home devices, I can control them by voice using Google or Alexa, if I want to automate things like if I open a door or if there’s motion turn on a light or record depending on home or away setting as well as other things
What’s the best integrator? I’ve tried & still do some stuff with IFTTT but most or the time the lag is like 10 minutes
What’s better / has workable lag (<5s)?
These are some of the apps I have for switches / dimmers / plugs / cams / doorbell / sensors
All WiFi, no ZigBee / hubs etc


I would recommend using Home Assistant to get all of your items working together. Wyze doesn’t have the best integration options to avoid lag, but I have IFTTT trigger sending a url request to HASS on contact senor open/close and then let HASS control the automation. If you go this route, I can walk you through the process.

HASS integrates with Eufy and sonos through LAN. There’s a community created integration for meross. There is a Nest integration, but that is likely going away soon as Nest announced they will be ending their developer API. SimCam doesn’t seem to have any integrations. It’s two unfortunate trends in the smarthome market: 1) Cloud required smart home products and 2) public APIs being shutdown.