Slow push notification outdoor cam

Noticed that the push notification on the outdoor camera takes more than 30 seconds to arrive at my phone. This is every trigger. Similar operation on arlo or nest is around 5 seconds. Any idea why it takes so long when the clips are only 12 seconds long anyway. Maybe its something you are working on.


The delay is noted on a YouTube video created by the username lifehackster. When his phone was connected to an LTE network it took about 45 seconds to receive a notification. when my outdoor camera arrived today I set it on a shelf next to a V2 camera and created a test group enabling me to view the live feed for the outdoor camera and a V2 at the same time. There was a consistent 30 second delay in the video from the outdoor camera. if I needed a second camera outdoors I would do my own weatherproofing on a V2 rather than purchase another outdoor cam. But I kind of like the travel mode and may use that to do some investigative work in my neighborhood.

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I believe the notification is sent when the clip is finished uploading so it is dependant on your networks upload speed. It works the same way for the V2 but there is an extra step between the outdoor cam and the internet so that’s probably why it’s slower.

Nope… my ring cam pushes out a notification in about 3 seconds and 5 for nest… very good upload speed… i previously had deep sentinel which would come in under 2 seconds. 34 seconds is too long.

Those other systems may be designed to send out a push notification when an event starts. I believe wyze sends the notification when the event is over and finished uploading so it is available to view when you get the notification. Even with the best upload speed in the world your gonna have to wait at least 12 seconds for a V2 push notification. At least that is my understanding.

That is correct, I have heard of other companies that send the notification first, only drawback is you cant see the video until it uploads but you could watch live view. The WYZE currently does it is the notification is not sent until the video up loads

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I have some experience. Even after a 12 second clip it should not take 34 seconds for a push notification. If ya do it at the front end if the customer hits the notification it starts a live stream. As it is now the push notification system is not fit for purpose.

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I am going to experiment as well. I may put the WCO on my vehicles dash. Test it as a dash cam but also as a stationary cam as I live in a condo and want a better method of capturing persons.

I have a few external batteries I can cycle out to keep any device powered.

I will see how well one of them recharges my WCO as well, with the cam powered off.

I’d recommend the V2 with cigarette lighter power adapter, instead of WCO. I have a dash cam and used Car Cam Central to do research: Top 5 Budget Dash Cams for 2020 📷 My Best Picks After Tons of Testing - YouTube

When I experimented with a V2 continuously recording outdoors and powered by a 10,000-mah power bank, it worked great for 90 minutes.

The power adapter is fine when the vehicle is running. I am hesitant to tap the fuse block for continuous power. I have a 20k power bank to experiment with.

I like CCC, thanks. I understand the more expensive dash cams I prefer are more reliable and easier to use. My dual cam cheapie dash cam bit the dust, lasted many years.

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