Slow playback

When I turn the lights on and the cam switches from night vision to regular vision, the playback slows way down for about ten seconds or so. Ideas? My main concern is that I’ve been hacked and this is being done to somehow splice out footage showing an intruder. (I am dealing with a stalker who is very tech savvy and I have no idea what he’s capable of.)

Is this occurring with the SD card footage? It may just be an affect in the video. It’s highly unlikely the camera was hacked.
One way to test this is to place the camera in a room, then turn the lights on and off (slowly) a few times. You’ll then be able to review the playback of the test to make sure it’s a video affect.

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Check your “night vision” setting: On Auto Off are the options.

I was confused last night when I was checking my cams. Kept switching from B&W to Color. Finally figured out either the or I were blocking the light source and the Night Vision was switching back and forth automatically.