Slow motion approach

I got this video on my Cam 3 of a bird coming in for a landing and slowed the video down 90%, interesting to see it braking for the landing.!


Air Brakes!

What video editor did you use?

I actually used Adobe Premiere as it does a pretty good job of blending the frames.

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Gotta love 15 FPS!

Yeah, Premiere is perhaps the overall absolute best video editor out there, Adobe is top of the line in most of their stuff, but ever since they switched to forced subscriptions with no alternatives I reluctantly totally dropped them. So I was hoping you used something else I could look into. I don’t mind paying reasonable one-time payments, even if it sometimes ends up costing a little more in the long run…it’s more of a general financial principle for me…I have some free ones and some that were one time payments, but they are sadly very limited on resolution, file types, FPS limits, and many other features. Most reasonable video editors are requiring subscriptions nowadays. I sadly may have to give in to Adobe’s Subscription within the next few years because hardly anyone can compete on their level without subscriptions of their own, and if I’m going to pay for it, might was well get the best value out of the situation.

I hear you, I have a corporate subscription which will be expiring soon so I have also been looking for options to leave Adobe. I want to start working in Affinity Photo, Luminar or Pixelmator Pro for photos. DaVinci Resolve has a free version of their video software which looks interesting but it isn’t clear what’s crippled in the free version, the same with a video editor called HitFilm.

Just found this article which looks like it has some good info:

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Try Wondershare Filmora, pretty basic with some nice advanced features and a reasonable price.

I’ve used it for years to make my football team’s highlight videos

Thanks, I’ll check it out, as well as several of the other ones that cwmn had in the above post.

I’ve been using Lightworks, which works fairly well with tons of options and features, although it’s limited to like 720p and that is really annoying. AND, it sometimes won’t even allow me to stitch together some videos from Cams when the video quality gets below like 15 or 20 fps…it says it can’t even do it for some reason, so in those cases I usually switch to using:

CyberLink PowerDirector since I got a non-subscription copy with a video capture device I bought (to xfer miniDV tapes to digital), but that’s fairly limited too, in both features and resolution. Lots of others have had similar issues. I can’t believe there still isn’t a really good OpenSource option after all these years.

I even don’t mind reasonable 1-time payments, but monthly costs are usually a bit excessive. Anything more than a couple of dollars a month needs to REALLY justify the extreme value.