Slow and Dropped Alerts to Phone

I have cam V3s with cam plus and the security system. The problem slow / dropped audible alerts to my phone.

Example: Someone pulls a car into my 75 ft long driveway, stops in front of the garage, opens the garage door, exits the car, and walks through the garage into my house. Events are recorded / registered on three V3 cams, the open/close sensor on the garage door and the motion detector in the garage. However, no audible alert comes to my phone. On other occasions, the audible alert is late by a minute or so. Sometimes the alert is contemporaneous with the action.

Because of where I live, it is very important for me to know when someone approaches my house. Is there a way to reliably get the phone alerts as the action is happening?


Notification latency can be caused by a host of issues since the notification is being issued by the server in response to a trigger by the cams or sensors: WiFi reception, ISP speed and throttling, distance from Wyze servers and server peak load, Cellular Carrier routing, speed and prioritization, and your phone settings.

There isn’t much you can do for much of that from the user end except to make sure your app and firmware are up to date and that your phone isn’t contributing to the problem. I use Android, so I don’t know what settings iOS allows, but I make sure that my app is always running in the background, Adaptive Battery is off which can restrict apps when battery draw is high, Battery Optimization is off and Background Usage is enabled.

@bfreeman5a , I agree with this person. Recently its taking several minutes for alerts and popups to appear on the phone. Something has changed and makes the alerts worthless. And it was not a change I made on my end. Something at Wyze is broken.