Sleep tracker doesn’t work very well…

So after using my watch 47 for about 2 months now , I have to be honest… the sleep tracker doesn’t work very well

I keep mine on to track my sleep of course and it just doesn’t even record my sleep AT ALL most nights.

If I sleep 3 hours it’ll track the sleep and show the data but when I sleep 8- 12 hours, it has trouble tracking my sleep most time. Like today I slept 12 hours (I know it’s a lot lol) and theirs no sleep data at all.

What is with the sleep tracker? It can never work right, seems to be the only issue I have with the watch rn.

Anyone else notice how bad the sleep tracker is?

My watch FW is : 0.12.49

Hey @Rulwiz

No experience whatsoever with these. How does it determine if you’re asleep?

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I’m not sure about how the wyze watch determines if you’re sleeping but I’m sure it’s like the other smart watches.

It tracks your heart rate , beats per minute (BPM) , etc and all of that tech that can determine if you’re in the snooze land.

My wyze watch just doesn’t seem to accurately track my sleep…

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After 3 months I’ve noticed that the sleep tracker records better when I sleep during the night.

This week definitely confirmed it, I have had to switch to day shift this week unfortunately and every single night this week my sleep was tracked.

Since I’ve used the watch for 3 months , and I work nights I notice that when I sleep during the day my sleep isn’t tracked very well. I have a 10% success rate with tracking my sleep during the day. Yes 10%, it’s absolutely terrible and sucks since I sleep during the day bc I work nights.

Any other night shift workers can confirm this as well??

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Interesting. :slight_smile:

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I hope I am replying to the message correctly. I need “support” for trying to figure out the Wyze forum. But YES!! I am an O/N worker that sleeps nights in the weekend and I noticed it right away. It’s so unfair that it’s only tracking the actual hours “day walkers” sleep. What are we “night stalkers” to do?

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