Sleep as Android INTEGRATION & APIs

Hey @UserCustomerGwen! Send this to the team. I think it’d be cool for devs to make their own Tools for the band, too!


Without this integration, there is no point in getting a Wyze. Considering covid is affecting everyone, make sure your next creation has pulse-ox. This is the only way to know if sleep apnea, covid distress and ongoing monitoring.

Sleep as andriod is the premiere app for sleep sufferers.


Just wanted to say that I still look forward to this happening eventually so that I can buy a Wyze band or watch.

I very reluctantly gave in to buying an Amazfit Band 5 today so that I could have something that would continue to work with Sleep as Android now that my Mi Band 2 is finally basically dying (battery is so worn out I have to charge it daily now). I really would’ve loved to get a Wyze band or watch instead…but there weren’t API’s yet, so Sleep as Android can’t use them.

I’ve been hanging on to my old Mi Band 2 for as long as possible in the hopes that Wyze would release Public API’s for 3rd parties to be able to integrate things. I still have excited hope for this to happen eventually as Wyze discussed in the AMA in fall of 2020.

When that happens, I will likely resell this new Amazfit band (or give it to my wife/daughter) and switch to a Wyze band or Wyze Watch…I know Wyze offers Sleep tracking, but Sleep as Android integration capability is a must for me. It’s the most superior and accurate sleep app I’ve ever found with amazing charts and stats. It’s just incredible, and now any watch I get must absolutely offer API’s for this developer to integrate. The developer (Urban Droid) will even do all the needed integration himself.

I still hope some of the public API’s get released sometime this year, and you’ll make another 1-4 sales from me (for me and my immediate family). I am very grateful that Wyze has seen the value of providing API’s at some point and is talking about this being something they offer in future. I really hope that future comes this year sometime.

For those Wyze employees working on the API project in your spare time, keep it up, and thank you, I really look forward to API’s eventually being released for some of your products and sincerely hope this (your watches and bands) are among the products you were talking about releasing API’s for in that AMA.

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I updated the title and categories to try and get some more visibility.
Thanks for the great feedback and use case info to share with Wyze @carverofchoice

@UserCustomerGwen is there any chance we can get some info on plans for this being on the roadmap? I resold the Wyze Band to my brother since I could not use Sleep as Android with it but have pre-ordered the new Wyze Watch in hopes to replace my Amazfit Bip.
More visibility to the roadmap sure would be exciting! :grin:


I have the Amazfit Band 5 and love the sleep tracking. Is SaA really that much better than the default Zepp? Any particular functions you prefer?

While I already know what I love about Sleep As Android (SAS), my Amazfit Band 5 just came in today (I had a Mi Band 2 before), so let me try it a few days, see how the Zepp app (which I’ve never used before) does with sleep tracking and such and I’ll give you a better explanation then about what I love with SAS.

For a good start, one thing I definitely love about SAS is they’re based off a lot of science…one thing in particular that has made a huge difference for me is their “Smart Wake Up” Alarm system…instead of waking up at a set time and always feeling groggy and tired for a long time when I get up, I tell it the absolute latest time I need to wake up and then set a “smart period” (so you aren’t just setting an alarm, but a window of time). It looks at my sleep cycles and patterns and then uses the tracking to determine in which sleep phase I am in at the moment and plans everything to wake me up at the most optimal time closest to the latest time I need to wake up and it wakes me up at the most optimal time so that I will feel more awake and happy, rather than groggy and tired and hating life. It’s a total life changer for me. There are a bunch of options with it as well. I just have my band vibrate to wake me up (and it’s always worked well…better than sound which I often sleep through), but they have a bunch of cool things you can use to make sure you wake up…you can even link various lights and all sorts of things to slowly help (ie: have smart lights slowly turn up the brightness to help you gradually wake up to lighter sleep up to wakefulness and feeling rested and ready to go, rather than groggy and tired, and several other interesting devices you can connect up to it). Some people who love to do the whole Lucid dreaming, use it recreationally for that too…lucid dreaming can be fun (I’ve done it multiple times…kind of cool to recognize you’re dreaming and then have 100% control of everything and be able to shape what looks and feels like reality to be, see and do anything you want and have it all seem like it it’s all real), but that’s not why I use SAS.

Anyway, I’ll get into more of the stats and stuff later…I mean it tells me all sorts of amazing things about my sleep patterns, records me talking in my sleep, it can tell different sounds (snoring, laughing, crying, etc), It tracks how I sleep differently with moon cycles, or when I drink caffeine, where I sleep, or any number of things, anything really and tells me how literally ANYTHING affects my sleep and sleep patterns, including what makes me snore more, deep sleep (total or percentage) and can tell me exactly how sleep deprived I am and how much sleep I need to catch up on to feel normal again, all sorts of charts and graphs about my efficiency, irregularity, sleep scores, and all sorts of smart notices about when I should go to bed, I have it do some crazy stuff…even puts my sleep logs in my personal private google calendar with all the stats inside the event (because I tell it to) and I just can not tell you how freaking intelligent and awesome the app is. It’s basically changed my life in several ways, to the extent that any watch I get must now support Sleep As Android or it’s a total deal breaker for me. It’s non-negotiable. I’m a total data guy, and I haven’t found anything that comes anywhere close to what they offer. These guys are brilliant. I’ve read some of their research behind a bunch of the stuff they’ve implemented too, and it’s so genius. They’ve got a free version, I started with that, and within 2 weeks I was totally sold, It was the first app ever that I actually paid for (and that was just using their sonar and accelerometers without a compatible band), then I went and bought a band that was compatible with it. If I could rate it 6 stars out of 5 I totally would. It’s seriously made me so much more successful and happy, and that’s all priceless. (no, I have no relation to the developer(s), they’ve never paid me for anything, I’ve never met them, etc…I’m just speaking real). Not everyone uses all the features they have available, but if you do use them and explore what it offers, it’s freaking incredible…seriously. There’s no way Wyze will ever match all that with their band/watch (especially at the slow rate they give any custom programmed updates at all)…that’s why they need to open their API’s so we can still use their band/watch with superior things like SAS…it will add insane value without them having to do all the work for it.

Okay, so I started this intending to just tell you to give me a couple of days to see how the Zepp app works since I just activated it today…then I got carried away just answering most of the question now. lol Oh well. I’ll still see what else I have to add after some experience with it.

You and I both! The Smart Wake Up is a complete life changer!
I got the Wyze Band originally and was really excited about it and tried giving it a run for a couple weeks with the added built in Alexa and quick access to my Wyze lights… but had a MUCH harder time starting my day with a regular alarm that did not wake me up based on my sleep cycle data like the Amazfit band does with Sleep as Android. I had to sell the Wyze Band just because of this.
WYZE pleases open APIs for this!
You don’t need to develop it and then you can market the added feature of sleep cycle awareness using 3rd party apps - Big Win!


I would also love to see this happen. I’d like for the sleep data from Wyze Band to automatically sync with Sleep as Android, as well as sync alarms between the two.

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bumping this thread since there’s been no activity since March and I assume no progress either.

Any update on this would be awesome @UserCustomerGwen
I would love to add the Wyze Watch to my LONG list of Wyze products my family uses, but we are sticking with Amazfit because of it’s integrations available. I know this is not the only thread in the forum about APIs. Is there a broad roadmap Wyze can start sharing if detailed info is too much to ask for?
I love Wyze and recommend it to friends and co-workers all the time and even got a local business to install the new monitoring system with a good handful of door sensors and cameras but continue to see a gap in transparency regarding the future. Y’all are good at sharing history like dealing with keeping the light on in the pandemic :wink:

2021 Q1 Release 2 Smart Products
Q2 Release 3 Home Products
Q3 Update CamPlus AI Features
Q4 Open Wyze Merch Store
2022 Integration with SmartThings and APIs Announced

I totally understand this. I love Wyze. I have almost all the Wyze products and subscriptions except a few things like the Wyze Watch/Band. This incompatibility with Sleep as Android is the only thing keeping me from buying a Wyze Watch. Integration with Sleep as Android is non-negotiable for me. This program is the best out there for sleep tracking, and critical to my sanity.

At best I could use such an incompatible watch in the daytime and then just switch to wearing a different compatible one at night while I sleep, and I may consider doing this at some point in the future if Wyze develops another watch model that tempts me even more to try a Wyze Watch (I’m already pretty tempted), but it would be much more preferable to simply be able to use the Wyze Watch with Sleep as Android and use it exclusively 24/7. That would be my preference.

I know Wyze gives first priority to things that will bring value to almost all users, and secondary efforts are put toward niche markets like this (despite many of us strongly desiring this, if we’re honest, most people won’t use or benefit from them working on this). Though I did see a couple of months ago that some guy created an unofficial opensource API of the Wyze watch to connect it to some other 3rd party app they wanted to use. Maybe sleep as android could use a future version of that. Wyze has been working with the Home Assistant API developer to compromise on a way to move forward with that API…so with Wyze starting to be more open to public API to some degree it might be possible we could see something happen here with another API. I wouldn’t get our hopes up too much though…since the number of people requesting this aren’t extremely high so far, at least Wyze didn’t say no or probably not, the status is simply “Maybe-later.” But again, all of the above are just my personal hopes. Wyze hasn’t said anything official on this other than “Maybe later.”

I wonder if the MATTER initiative will help with this. Wyze is committed to MATTER and making their future devices compatible with that standard. I wonder if a future model that integrates MATTER will allow Sleep as Android to use it? That would be very cool. MATTER is too new right now to know how it will affect things.

Either way, I am still very supportive of this wishlist item for Sleep As Android compatibility, or simply releasing a public API for the watch so the sleep as android dev can just do it themselves. I would be very excited to be able to use a Wyze watch 24/7 finally.

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I’ve waited a couple years. I’m giving up on this. the new standard is the key, but only after new products are developed. so minimum another year for the standard since it was delayed, then another two years to develop. so at least 3 years and this is if they decide to release a new version by then.

I’ll keep reading this thread, I guess, hoping otherwise.

bumping this thread since there’s been no activity since October and I assume no progress either

Let’s make this happen @UserCustomerGwen Any updates for us?

Any updates anyone?

In recent public discussions, Wyze has indicated that integration efforts are first going to be made to have devices support the “Matter” initiative. This will allow lots of brands to be able to interact with Wyze devices. Any considerations for a public API is not likely to be considered before that is fairly settled.

I don’t know where matter stands on things like watches in the future, but I believe they aren’t in the first iteration being released this year. The Matter initiative will be adding more devices as time goes on, including things like cameras, but we’ll have to wait and see if/when watched/bands are included and whether Wyze will update those currently existing models. But for now, Matter hasn’t added support for them, and Wyze won’t be doing an API before all that, so I would certainly not count on it this year at the very least.

(I don’t work for Wyze, I am simply passing on what I’ve been hearing in general in pubic discussions when they’re asked about an API and 3rd party integrations)

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Any more updates on this @UserCustomerGwen ? Would hate to have to buy a third party device just to have this basic function of a smart watch

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I just bought a Samsung 44 5 watch. 4 and 5 have o2 locked out to 3rd parties.

The next gen size watch might

Still no movement on this? Watch is great but the comple lack of integrations is more than a little restrictive. Is the API release still something actively being worked on? Thanks!

it’s been almost 4 years since this thread was created. think it is safe to say it isn’t happening.