Skipping the first few seconds of an event in the events tab

When viewing an event in the events tab, it always skips the first 5 seconds of the event. It’s been happening for over a month

It’s the original floodlight camera v3. Running the

On the v2.42.0(292) android app on a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

I’ve tried restarted the camera, resetting the junction box , clearing app cache and force closing app but the issue still persists. Going on for a month now, any other v1 floodlight users noticing this?

I will email support

Log ID 1069099

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I tested this on my iphone 8 and it also skips the first 5 seconds of an event from the same camera. Just that one camera.

iOS app version 2.42.1(1)

Log ID 1069105

I am sorry this is happening, I have reported it to the team.


Thanks @Rulwiz . Could you please also pass me a screen record and that downloaded mp4 file so I could have engineer check. Thanks!


How do I download it to an MP4 file?

Just download that video file from the app. And please attach that file into our direct message here.


Still experiencing this issue.

Any update?

It’s been 4 months and I’m still experiencing this issue affecting that one camera when I view the events in the events tab

It’s so annoying.