Skipping first few seconds of event

I have 1 v3 that when I view events on the events tab, it always skips the first few seconds of the event. Every time.

Is anyone else seeing this? Been happening for close to 2 weeks now and haven’t seen any reports so I thought I’d start a discussion…

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

V3 FW :

App version : V2.41.5

Log ID 1037284

I had the skipping problem on previous v3 firmware (but haven’t on Have you tried pulling the v3 power cord for 30 seconds? That would temporarily resolve the issue for a couple of weeks on that previous firmware for me.

No, it’s my floodlight camera.

I’ll see if a restart from the app or a quick bard reset bt toggling on and off the junction box will fix this