Siren warns off Squirrels. Why?

If the cam-pan-v2 is an indoor only camera, why does the description of the siren in the ‘Features’ state that it can be used to warn away squirrels? If one keeps squirrels inside, why would one want to warn them away?

Mini-Siren Feature
Use the improved speaker as a siren to warn away intruders (and pesky squirrels) with a loud sound. Control the siren from the Wyze app.

The premise of your question doesn’t make sense, If you think it’s meant to “warn away” squirrels that are outdoors, where exactly do you think squirrels belong?

This feature is intended to scare away “intruders and pesky squirrels” who intend to approach and enter your property from the outside.

It’s a humorous nod the the fact that lots of people do indeed use their “indoor only” cameras outdoors. You could also perhaps put the camera inside of a bird feeder, as long as it was protected from the elements. I’m glad that someone at wyze has a sense of humor, it’s a nice break from the soulless megacorp language that most companies use to describe the features of their products.

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I use the sirens to scare water away from my leak detectors, lol. :joy:

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