Single camera not pushing notifications after Cam Unlimited switch

So after the change from Cam Plus to Unlimited, I had 4 cameras added to my monitoring tab automatically. All 4 stopped pushing notifications in my phone whenever a motion was detected. All 4 still had the proper detection individually and they would all record the events and they would show in the events tab but no notification was ever pushed.

I removed all cameras from the monitoring option and just left 1 camera that I really don’t care too much to monitor. I was able to get the notifications being pushed on all cameras minus one. The camera monitoring my front door still has issues with the push notifications. Here are the issues and a partial solution I have found:

  • Restart camera via settings within the app.
  • Cam starts pushing notifications whenever a smart event is detected
  • After some period of time and/or number of event detections, it stops pushing the notifications but the events are still properly detected and tagged in the event history tab.

I have tried the Reset services option as it claims it rebinds the camera to properly set the AI detection and push notifications but it does not seem to work. I’d tap the option, takes maybe 1 second to execute and when is completed none of my notification settings are changed or reverted to default (which is I believe what should happen after a reset command is successful).

As part of the debug process I unplugged the camera for a good bit of time but the Wyze app never saw it gone, it was always connected and the app attempted to connect to it every single time I opened the app (even after a force stop). Once power was back the app was able to connect and open the live feed as normal.

Any ideas on what else to try to get my notifications back? This camera is monitoring an area where I need to have push notification uptime near 100%.

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Did you check the settings for home, away etc. in the Monitoring tab? They control alerts for the cameras.

Thanks WildBill for the heads up. Yes I did check that all the cams in the monitoring tabs (disarmed, home, away) have Push notifications enabled. Here’s the disarmed page. The offending cam is Front door and all others are properly reporting and pushing activity to the phone:

As a test, do you have “all motion” enabled in the detection settings for the non-working camera? If not, turn it on and see if you get alerts.

Made the change and the camera pushed a notification when I left this morning. I am away at the moment so I cannot test further but hopefully this fixed it.

Changing from Smart events to All Motion did the trick. Marking @WildBill response as the right one. Thanks for the help!

Thanks for raising this issue! I had noticed the same thing on my 3 v4 cameras today. Funny enough the doorbell worked, but that was the only one.
I hope changing to “all events” works…its not ideal but may work in the interim.