Since installing doorbell, person detection not working on other cams

I recently purchased a doorbell to add to my v2 cams. I am a cam plus subscriber for my outdoor cameras (3 of them). Since I installed the doorbell, person detection no longer works on my other v2 cams (still subscribed to cam plus. They do detect motion and notify me. They don’t seem to detect people, record or notify me.

Any idea why?

Doorbell detecting and notifying me of people fine. All running the latest firmware.


Never has worked on any of my cams…

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On the problematic cameras, just confirming they do detect other motion, and save clips to the cloud (as visible in the event tab)? You do get notifications of these right? It’s just the person tag that you are missing? What are your camplus notification settings for these cameras? What firmware versions are in the cameras? What app version are you using? Unfortunately the “using the latest firmware” doesn’t help because there are many firmware branch’s that all day up to date, but that doesn’t nail down which version or branch you are in for us in the community. Thanks in advance!

I was able to get the issue fixed by removing my cam plus subscription from each camera, restarting the cameras and then adding the subscription back.

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