Simple top essentials wish list

Having just purchased a cam and using it for a few days, I have a short wish list that represents what I think are important items for development, in my humble opinion. I didn’t see this in the wish list section or that it might be implemented, but it could be.

  1. Day + Time and not just time. Most people work during the week and are home all weekend. While I think the time clock for on/off is great, most of the time it won’t be effectively 2 out of 7 days.

  2. One button all on/off. If you’re home and want to turn off all detection (or leaving and turn it on, a one button system on/off would be most efficient!

  3. Turn sensors on/off

  4. Autonotification of low battery levels on sensors. I saw someone say that it is listed on the app but didn’t see that anywhere nor any automatic notice, e.g. the battery is down to 10%, etc. This would certainly help manage battery levels for sensors.

  5. 1 Second ignore - I’ve seen this in the wish list and is a great idea if you have the cam pointed at the window and objects will whizz by, e.g. birds, bees, etc.

Some important essential extras

  1. Remote access to the SD card (or automation) so that clips can be downloaded to other storage. This is a bit of a conflict since I’m sure that Wyze wants to sell its own cloud monitoring and hypothetically you can use your home NAS to set up your own surveillance system. Regardless, given that it’s only 12 seconds of storage, I’d at least like to have the ability to list videos and download them individually like you can off the cloud. This way if something does happen, I can download a video on the SD card directly to my phone before someone discovers and disconnects the camera.

  2. Ultimately I think that having cameras with real ethernet capability is important, especially if you’re requiring to plug it in (and I’d consider PoE camera options, but you can get a kit for that too.) Wireless is often flaky. Sensors are difficult to wire but having at least a few cameras that are hard wired provides greatest confidence in your system. This is obviously a long way off as it will require a hardware change.

  3. Cameras with less fish-eye distortion. Having the range of coverage is excellent. But the distortion effect is quite severe. Would rather have less coverage with better quality and purchase a second cam as and if needed. This too is a longer way off as it requires a hardware modification.

For the cost, I think the cameras and the service is unbeatable. Those complaining or voicing desires for warning others about limitations… ridiculous. Job extremely well done and overall exceeds all expectations.

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Thank you for your submission. Submissions for #wishlist must be single-subject so that they can be voted on independently. We curate the category to avoid duplication of topics, so please do not submit duplicates. Instead, vote for and comment on already existing topics. Several of these topics already exist in #wishlist or #roadmap. You can search these categories using the links below:

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I’ll address the points individually:

  1. The schedule option in Event Recording are only very basic. To set up more complex scheduling, use the Shortcuts feature. For instructions, click the Support link, top right, and look in the User Guide for Shortcuts.

  2. You can set this up using Shortcuts (see above). You can turn all notifications on/off by tapping the bell icon on the home screen.

  3. In testing: On/Off Toggles/Schedule for Wyze Sense sensors. (Found by searching “Sensors” in #roadmap)

  4. You will get a low battery warning. See the Sense FAQ in the Support site.

  5. As you say, this is already in the wishlist. Please vote for it and comment on it there. Please do not resubmit ideas that are already listed in the #wishlist.

  6. Already in #wishlist: Direct access to SD card with download ability (Found by searching “download”)

  7. Already in #wishlist: WyzeCam Ethernet Data Support (Found by searching “ethernet”)

  8. Already in #wishlist: Fisheye distortion correction (Found by searching “Fisheye”)

You also might want to read through the post on how to use #wishlist here: How to Use the Wishlist


First - thank you for the terrific and swift support!

Thank you for placing the wish list in the right forum and your very detailed reply! Perhaps I can suggest a sticky post for format address it succinctly in a conspicuous place? There is a great deal in the “Improve the Discussion” and in the forum header that is overwhelming without getting right to the essentials:

  • Each topic in this forum represents one single, specific suggestion or wish.
  • Clicking the Vote button on the top of each topic to vote. (Note I don’t see any vote totals so the view is a bit confusing as I have it sorted by Likes which could be post likes.)

#2) I later realized later that Shortcuts is fantastic. I think it would help to highlight this specific feature. Perhaps there was a prompt but I didn’t realize what it was for? I think that if a second device is added there should be some type of prompt which says “Do you want to set up a shortcut button to turn all devices on/off?”

#4) The low battery warning in the Sense FAQ seems to be visual by looking at the app Device Page. I think that an email or reminder of some sort without having to go to the Device Page when the battery reaches a certain level would be extremely useful. I’ll look to see whether it is there.

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YES to #6 in the OP