Silly cat doing silly cat things

Captured my Grama’s cat being silly in the driveway.


Being a cat…

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Kitty’s shadow is his best friend.

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That’s funny. But wasn’t it double-redundant? I mean, ya coulda just said, “Cat doing cat things”. And we would have known 'cause all cats do silly. lol

I wish…I love that about younger cats, but I’ve had some that don’t act very silly when they get older. I wish all my cats always stayed that spunky and playful.

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I’ve got an 8 year old dog that makes moves like that when I walk into the room and he wants to play. But, he is my “cat” dog. :smile:

That’s funny. You have a cat dog, and I have a dog cat. One of my cats acts a lot like a dog. He is even trainable to do tricks like a dog and obey commands. Very rare for a cat.

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Looks like he got him/herself a bug which stood no chance against young cat energy.

If not a bug, a pebble or some random object that blew in and sparked this moment of energy.

I wish I was a cat ( the energy part)


Common feline behavior, known as the “zoomies”, where they burn off excess energy. Always fun to watch.

My dog does that also to burn off excess energy before going to sleep. I agree it is fun to watch.

We had a chain-smoking, disabled neighbor who lived in a single apartment with a cat named Cowboy and the windows mostly closed. That kitty would literally bounce off the walls.

Actually, more like this:


Seriously. :astonished: