Signed out every time I open a motion alert notification

Title explains it, Everytime I open the app I get redirected to the sign in page where I have to re-enter my password each time, this has been happening since yesterday.

Android or iOS. If Android, try clearing the app cache. If that doesn’t work, try clearing the app data. If that doesn’t work, or if you’re on iOS, try deleting and reinstalling the app.

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I’m on iOS I signed it again and I’m seeing if it does it again. If so I’ll so that.

I’m on iOS and this happens maybe once a day or every other day. I can’t really say what I was doing last time I was in the app, so not sure if it’s notification related or what. just FYI.

See now this brings me to think how many other people are affected because after posting this I thought it may be an issues because I’m a beta tester for the app but if u aren’t and are on the GM release then…

Not a beta tester. v2.0.21

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So that means this is probably more common then I thought, hopefully someone else pops into the thread if they are experiencing the same thing.

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Still happening… If I was having router issues, I could blame that, but I’m not.

And again. Twice this morning already.

Three times!

It stopped happing for me (knock on wood) I kinda believe it was because I was connected to my camera from data that wasn’t the strongest so when it would go though the authentication process it would fail.

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I’ve been in the same room as my router most of the morning. I think my phone has been in the room the entire time. Just keep watching I guess.

Android v6.02. opening Wyze app shows message “app not installed” and I am redirected to the download page where I press “open” to open app.

This happens on my wife’s iOS device as well. Every few days she’ll say that she stopped getting notifications and then I’ll check and somehow she’s been logged out of the app. I’ll have to ask her if she remembers if the last thing she did was tap on one of the notifications.

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Same experience here. Every few days my wife and I stop getting notifications on our phones and have to resign in into the app. This is not good because we don’t know if we missed anything until we notice we aren’t getting notifications.


Yeah just yesterday I was signed out after clicking a motion detection notification.

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Yikes! Sorry to hear about this, everyone. I’ll file a bug report. If you could send in logs through the Help & Feedback section of My Account that would be helpful. We apologize for the trouble!

I just sent the logs over to you.

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Thank you kindly! :slight_smile:

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