Show offline in group but are online and functioning

Two groups with four cameras in each group. One group shows one camera offline, the other group shows two cameras offline, however, if you tap into viewing the offline camera individually, it shows without issue.

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Have you tried to force quit and restart the app?

I had the same problem until I upgraded to Android v2.3.15.

Yes and rebooted the device. It is a Fire HB 8 tablet…

The device is on v2.3.15. It is a Fire HD 8 tablet.

I have the same issue here. Camera looks offline in the group view but is online and 100% working when I select it individually. :man_shrugging:t2:

Identical issue. I have six cams and four light bulbs all show as on line except one cam which shows as offline, but it works perfectly. Why is this?

I solved my issue reinstalling the camera at fault. Don’t remove it from the app, just push the button on its back then follow indication (showing QR code from the app to the cam, etc.).

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Thank you for the reply - I did try what you said and it did not work. It still shows as offline but is working perfectly. I then removed it from the app and did it all over again - still shows as offline but works just fine. Wonder what to do next?

Hey @mparegian, Have you tried removing the device from its power source for at least 10 secs then try plugging it in so it gets a full power down?

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That worked!! Thank you so much. I never thought of that…I should have.

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