Show deleted events in the events list

One thing I’ve seen here several times is that people are sometimes worried their account may have been compromised and events may have been deleted, but they’re not able to prove it. While it’s important to have the option to delete videos for privacy reasons, the fact that this leaves no trace whatsoever might be a cause for concern to some people.

With that in mind, I wonder if it would be possible to replace a deleted item in the event list with a greyed-out item that just says “Deleted Event.” The original thumbnail and video should not be accessible, obviously. When all the events are deleted at the same time, this probably isn’t necessary, since it will be much more obvious if there are no events at all before a certain date, rather than just one or two that might be missing.

I think this would be a good way to balance privacy and security. The rationale is that you should be able to remove what happened, for privacy reasons, but not the fact that something happened, for security reasons. This would also make it more similar to the way the history for the Sense devices work, for example, in which you can’t delete event history.

Makes good sense. Provides more info for user but doesn’t eat up storage space.
Got my vote.

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Show option see the list of deleted events. At the very basic, containing video event record with date and time of the event and deleted time.

I want to see the list first and am not looking to restore or retrieve the deleted videos at this moment.