Should RSTP be an Option?

I watched the Jan 10 livestream on the new camera and in passing the presenter said there was no rstp and that customer demand was small. I wonder if that is true or if many people just do not understand what rstp is and how it can be used.

I have one v3using the no longer available firmware and I would by the new Pro version immediately if it had rstp an option. I would even pay more to get it! I am on the cusp, Buy more non RSTP cameras w/ the service, to replace the existing not nearly as good cameras and look elsewhere for rstp or just drop Wyze altogether.

I get that the Wyze model is to sell the service by selling the gear and it is a fair choice. But do consider those of your customers who want to do more with your great little cams . My outdoor v3 has come through >50mph wind and 10" of rain without a problem. :grinning:

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Based on comments here on the forum, I disagree with the statement that customer demand for RTSP is small.
I suspect it is more of one of those things that Wyze is dead set on and refuses to admit that someone might disagree - same concept of the numerous requests for changes to the current dismal color scheme.

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I think I recall in the past that they actually tracked real data for things like this and Home Assistant and other niche uses and found that those of us (including me) who like and want and use such things are much more active and vocal about it, but that in actuality we only represent a very small percentage of their user base, but it is a very core and important base that in some ways represents a large amount of use even if a fraction of the market.

Honestly, most RTSP users have stopped caring about RTSP being supported natively from Wyze though, and most don’t actually want to use the Old Wyze RTSP firmware even if Wyze actively promoted it. Nowadays people have been exceptionally happy to get RTSP and other streaming options through things like Docker Wyze Bridge especially. That’s the primary go-to for everyone now. They have kept up on all the latest Wyze products too, so lots of people already have RTSP with their V3Pros and thus there hasn’t been as much outcry about RTSP lately because most of the people who want it are pretty satisfied after trying out the docker Wyze Bridge. It works as good or better than basically anything that would be expected from Wyze. As good as it is, even if Wyze added their own RTSP, I bet a large number of people would still just use the docker bridge instead.

If you’re interested in RTSP for any Wyze camera, definitely run a search on that and check it out. It’s the main go-to now and well done.


Thank you. I’ve taken a look, and hopefully I am missing something basic. I need to have the camera’s stream available on the Windows 11 desktop while running other Windows apps or a browser app that can share the Windows desktop or open app windows.

If there is a way for Docker Wyze Bridge to do this great. But can someone point me to the instructions please. So far everything I read or watch either says not on Windows or just doesn’t mention it.

I looked at Docker Wyze Bridge a moment ago and as soon it landed in a github where you need to be a computer engineer to even understand what they are saying, that ruled it out. And I’m a networking guy…

I’m sorry to hear that. I used to have a sign that said, “Will Write SQL for Cash” and one that said, “Networked Assets Tracked. Inquire Within.” I don’t have them anymore. I have no interest in a glue it together application. It isn’t fun and life is short.

I too am disappointed by the lack of native RTSP support. I have no interest in buying a cloud service. Been running ZoneMinder for years (thought about checking out the alternatives, but at this point I usually end up saying “it ain’t broke”).

I bought into Wyze because of the RTSP support I read about, but quickly found it fell short since I run a Floodlight and a Light Socket that can’t be controlled with the RTSP firmware. As luck would have it they terminated the RTSP project right after I bought in. I started running the docker Wyze Bridge shortly thereafter and never looked back.

The one issue I’ve had with the Wyze Bridge is that the audio is way out of sync or cuts out all together. The developer of the Wyze Bridge was very responsive, but in the end the issue was never resolved for me (I believe it’s working for others). Audio is not critical to my use case, so I use the Wyze Bridge with video only. Works great, but I’d love to see native RTSP support in the camera again.

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