Shortcuts and Rules with multiple if/and/or conditional triggers

Hi type1fool,

Your wishlist submission has been merged here because (while perhaps not immediately obvious) it represents a perfect use case for this requested feature. Here’s how: you would set up a conditional trigger using existing available triggers as follows:

TV Room Has Been Clear for HH:MM


TV Room Detects Motion

You could set HH:MM to be the longest possible time you might watch TV. The light would not come on again unless the room has been empty for that period of time. I think this would accomplish what you’re after once this wishlist request has been implemented.

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After 8 months, this is still just in wishlist status? Seems like a fairly easy and obvious thing to implement.

It’s very disappointing. Otherwise my experience with Wyze had been very positive.

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I would like the ability to add the device state along with time to my rules.

Example: I have Wyze bulbs in my guest bathroom that are triggered by a motion sensor. The lights come on when someone enters the room and they turn off after a few minutes of no activity. I have two rules for these and use time of day to set the brightness based on night and day but would like to add a device state of a door sensor so that the lights do not turn off when the door is shut. Once the door is open again and there is no activity on the motion sensor, then the lights can turn off. This will prevent the lights turning off while guests are still in the bathroom and not triggering the motion sensor.

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The only flaw there would be if someone closes the door behind them when they leave, but that’s a good one.

I have a sensor on my garage door. On the weekends while home i leave the door open for hours. Sometimes i go to bed and forget to close the garage door.

What I am looking for is at say 8pm for either the Wyze app or Alexa to check the status of the garage door and if it is open to either send a notification or to turn on a Wyze or other smart home Alexa light.

Is that doable now? Or is that a future wish list thing?

That’s a great use for I believe that you can do it with the sensors you have. The part I’m not sure is whether Wyze is publishing individual sensor states to IFTTT. (I sort of gave up on Wyze until they make some progress.)

Michael J.

Can we have simple boolean AND and OR for triggers and actions?

Title says it all. This would clean up my Rules a lot.


This is a must have.

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The trigger I want already exists: IF contact sensor has been open for more than 1 minute, AND time is between 10pm and 7am.

The action that needs to be added is: Send notification of contact sensor status is Open.

That’s it. I just want to know if I forgot to close my garage before I got to bed.

As a bonus, I would like to be able to set notification priority levels, so this notification for example, would be higher priority than the global mute/unmute. I always want to know if I left my garage open, even if I forget to turn global notifications back on because I’m home for the day and got tired of being notified every time I open the back door to let the dog out.

The only other way I’ve thought of to accomplish this, sort of, is to turn a light on as a visual flag that I left the garage door open. But, that’s not really effective when the light is very often when the event trigger would occur. If Wyze came out with a colored bulb and I the action would be to turn on a bulb AND set it to ‘red’, then I could work with that, may even be a better reminder than a push notification. But the push notification as an action seems like it would be a simple software update away.

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100% agree. That’s my exact use case and had the same thought with the light too.

I am looking for something similar – Here is what I currently do:

  • I have a Wyze Contact Sensor on my Garage Door
  • I have a Wyze Plug attached to a relay which is connected to my Garage door. When the Wyze Plug is triggered I have a rule to immediately turn it off. this allows the Relay time to open or close the garage door as needed.

The above works great. However, I also Use Alexa and when we go to bed, I tell Alexa Good night - which turns off all lights and sets the notifications on. I would like a Wyze conditional trigger as follows:

If the Garage Door is open (Identified by another Wyze Product Like a Contact Sensor or outlet) then trigger the outlet as described above. If it is closed then do not trigger the outlet. If I could do something like this, then I could put something together to close the Garage door at night when I go to bed (if it is open). Otherwise it will stay closed.

Basically I am looking for an IF THEN ELSE Option as Identified in a previous writeup.


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This thread was started one year ago. Why has Wyze still not made any progress towards implementing this?

Enable Rules to allow MULTIPLE/COMBINATION of Device Triggers.

Currently only ONE Device Trigger can be specified.
For example:
When ONE Motion Sensor Trigger is clear Do turn off Bulb(s).

I would like to do this:
When TWO Motion Sensor Triggers are clear Do turn off Bulb(s).

Specifically allow something like this:
Create Rule
Device Trigger “Sensor #1” has been clear for x minutes
Device Trigger “Sensor #2” has been clear for x minutes
Action Turn off Bulb(s)


First time posting here so I hope I’m in the right forum, but anyways…I currently have my bedroom set up so that if I open my door between certain hours the lights turn on. I work different hours sometimes so if I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom my lights will turn on (which I don’t want bc they are bright). I also sleep with a fan on every night using a Wyze plug to turn it on/off. I really wish in the rules we were able to set a command that if a door sensor opens turn the lights on but only if the fan is off. Maybe one day we will get this! Maybe I’m the only one that would find this useful lol.

Also would love this! Like to automatically turn my bulbs on at a certain time in the morning. I have to setup multiple rules for each bulb and a different rule to change the brightness.

Would be great to “stack” different actions within one rule.

I would like to create a rule that says if anyone of my outside door sensors are triggered in the middle of the night, turn on all lights. Currently I would need to create 5 or six different rules to accomplish this plus an equal number to turn the light off again.

Yes stackable rules!!
Like these:
Turn on outlet IF temp is X or humidity is X and THEN turn OFF outlet IF temp goes below or humidity goes below X
Trigger camera siren IF door sensor opened when HMS set to armed OR when my phone location is outside of home geolocation.

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It would be nice to have MULTIPLE triggers for Rules and Conditional Triggers.

Example: 3 Motion sensors in my basement, if ANY of them detect motion, turn on my lights. (Instead of 3 different rules for each motion sensor)

Example: If Living Room motion sensor detects motion AND my Light Strip behind my TV, and the one giving mood light under my couch are OFF, THEN the Main Light in the living room turns on. Otherwise, it won’t turn on the Main Light if any or all of the light strips are on.

^^^^ These styles of rules/automations were easy to do in Smartthings. I hope Wyze gets on board with mult. Trigger rules and Conditional rules. It is getting increasingly hard to organize and keep track with all these basic rules.

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I open the Wyze App, and the FIRST thing i see is “Try Rules”… yet, Rules are one of the items in the app that need the most improvement by Wyze.

I find the rules to be quite a challenge to use to the point that I have started to experiment with the Amazon Routines on my Alexa to see if I can achieve what I need to there instead of the rules in Wyze. (I had a need to turn on a non Wyze Light Bulb with a Wyze Entry Sensor, and realized that I need to compare the two methods (Wyze vs. Alexa) for accomplishing what each desired rule (or Alexa Routine)


I agree! Right now, Wyze is the only cheap home monitoring system that does ‘safety and security’ plus automations (rules) with different sensors that has connect with their lights, flood, temperature in 1 ecosystem. I don’t even use their cams other than a v3 to watch time lapses on my 3d printer. My cams are all Google nest, and I had the Nest Secure before that got canceled. There’s always Ring system but I’m not sure how or if that will work with Google cams, thermostat, fire/CO2, etc. I just like the idea of 1 reliable and trustworthy ecosystem for everything smart in my house… is that so hard to ask for? :sob::sob::sob: