Shopping Wyze $olar ? A Panel Discussion

I was on the waiting list for a Wyze Outdoor Cam (WCO or WOC) solar panel. (Does that now make it a WOC-S WCO-S ?)

I got an email informing me the Panels were avail. @ $19.99 with $5.99 shipping using the App.

I tried n it failed. Sometimes the panel was $19.99 with $8.99 shipping other times it’s $22.00 with $5.99 shipping.

I also wanted the 1yr. extended waranty.

Regardless of warranty, Using the App or giving up n trying the Website. It did not deliver.

I still feel, I’m getting “Rooked” for 3 bucks.
It’s not the 3 bucks, (some will differ :skunk: ), but just don’t “Tease n Squeeze” me.

Loyal since the only product wyze offered was a V1 indoor cam.

What am I doing wrong ?
Cause I’m feeling a bit “Jilted”, by all this work for just a pannel.

A panel, for a pre ordered WOC v1. Long ago, on a shopping cart, far away n easier to use. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::smirk::grimacing:

Btw- “This Cart, seems to pull, to the left”

I just ordered 2 from, had no issues at all

How long is the battery on it supposed to last? Will it run a cam for 24 hours?

It will last for ever,as long as we have sun as for the battery life in most devices last 3-4 years with at least 40%-70% battery

Right but if it’s cloudy or dark out, how long will the charge last? Say it only gets maybe 2 hours of sunlight. Will that be enough to run a camera 24 hours (or 22 hours…)?


This was just discussed and responded to by Wyze team members on discord

@GuitarMan, lots of user feedback about the functionality of the Solar Panel can be found in this thread. Solar Panel First Look


A solar panel will not run a live stream from WOC for 24 hours. You can however, use the WOC as you always have – letting it wake up occasionally to record an event for you.

And it doesn’t run a cam like the V3.

As for how many cloudy days can your WOC tolerate, it depends on how often you have to bring the WOC in to charge now. If you bring it in every couple months now, then that’s how many cloudy days it can handle. When the charge gets low it may take a couple days to recharge, but with scattered cloudy days it will normally keep the charge in the 90%'s at least.

I See,
So I tried to order it !

  1. Slow app. (Fits, starts, stops, resets & many-logins)
  2. No Wyze confirmation receipt or order #.
    Except a debit transaction ID. From my Card Company.

I still got charged ???

If this cancels out !
I’ll jus go without

Bad JuJu all the way around ! :frowning:

We never order from the app we use

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I tried both prior to this debacle.

The website is a tad more reliable.
The $3 off tease, got me n good, too.

No way to treat, "Long-time ", Patrons. :thinking::frowning: