Shipping HaHa

I dislike FedEx in my area. But aside from that…
The WyzeCam Outdoor units arrived in Los Angeles, 73 miles from my house. Then via FedEx I see they arrived at the FedEx location in Indianapolis, IN. Due to be back here in California on the 13th of the month. However if the local office holds true I will get it 14-21 days later than that after calling the depot manager a time or two.
UPS is fast, USPS is fast. FedEX… great for court documents, nothing else IMHO.

And they don’t have the best reputation…

Wouldn’t want that to be my outdoor cam!

Update… until this morning expected delivery was August 13th.
The package has now arrived in Chino, CA.
New expected delivery is August 25th.
Chino is 70 miles driving around a mountain.
Well what a surprise, the cameras arrived last night! Ahead of FedEx original estimate!!! And in one piece. 08/13/2020

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