Shipping Chaos

My Wyze thermostat tracking history says it’s on FedEx vehicle for delivery for the past 3 days. When contacted, the FedEx agent says that this is a Smart Post service, so Wyze needs to contact FedEx, Wyze support has no clue about whats going on and they replied to the ticket with an email saying that they still have 11 days to deliver… Any Idea, whats happening here?
Please help

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It sounds like you got a tracking number and information email from Wyze. If you did, select the tracking number in the email or enter it into the FedEx tracking site. This is an accurate method of tracking your order. Keep an eye on it, your thermostat will come soon!
Support has the same amount of tracking information as you do(when it shipped and where it is).

Smartpost usually delivers via the post office and not Fedex.

Does the line item before “on fedex vehicle” say that it will instead be delivered by fedex? If yes, do a bit of googling and call your local fedex hub. They lost it. If it doesnt say that, chances are its sitting on a truck waiting for USPS to unload it to sort for delivery and it got scanned wrong.


Thanks Joedel263. Sorry for the late response. I did call them twice. And, it happened exactly what you said. They told me that it will be delivered by FedEx.
They asked me to wait until Monday.
I did contact the Wyze Support as well, they want me to wait for 6 more working days before they can send new.