Shelly 1 + Wyze motion sensor

Is it possible to use the Wyze Motion Sensor in conjunction with the Shelly 1 to control a light?

Just checked the Shelly website and the Shelly 1 is compatible with Alexa, you should be able to use Alexa routines to control the light.


But is there a way to use the Wyze motion sensor to to trigger Shelly to turn off a light?

You should be able to use alexa to shut off any wifi enabled light. I have a garage work light on a TP Link wifi switch. I put a Wyze motion detector in a spot where it will only see movement right in front of my work bench. When it detects motion after 5pm it turns on my work light. The work light auto shuts off after 20 min, but will stay on until the wyze motion sensor is clear. I would imagine it’s the same process just take out TP Link switch and replace with Shelly-1 device in the routine. You should be able to turn off lights when the sensor is clear too. If you need a hand setting it up PM me.

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I’ll give it a try. Will PM if unsuccessful…and thanks for the offer!

Did you get this to work?