Shell scripts for Android - need info

I thought I asked this before here but -
Could anyone point me to some good info on writing simple shell scripts for my Amazon Fire, running Fire OS I’d prefer not to root the device.
I primarily want to set up some shell scripts to copy/move files from the the directories that Wyze puts stuff in.
thanks in advance

Thanks but that didn’t work on the Fire.

Sorry to hear that :confused: I thought the fire might be based on Linux I’ll ask around and see what I can find on Monday

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Yes it is based on linux but it does not have a bash shell.
Thanks for helping.

On second thought this article might help you: Run a BAT File on Firestick? | XDA Forums

They say “You can run any shell script on a Fire TV”

Thanks, I’m getting there - I had to find /system/bin/sh.

I must have read 10 articles before they pointed me there.

I last wrote script in unix about 1999 :grimacing:

Haha you might be a but rusty if the last time was in '99. At least you’re making progress! Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

I used this procedure to sideload onto my Fire Tablet 7:

Thanks, been there done that. Works pretty good.