Sharing Cam Problems

I’m not sure what is going on but every single time I try to share a cam with someone, or vice versa since we have to monitor someone that is ill but on bedrest at home, the cams die. This is getting ridiculous. Can’t something be done? I get no help from CS on this issue. The cams die, events don’t show for either party and so on. I don’t understand why these cams have one problem after another.

No one is helping me here or in CS. Is this the new trend?

Some more information would help. Which cam ? iOS or Android. You could call CS, they are open until 6 PM Pacific time. 1 844-999-3226 or 1-206-339-9646

Like I said, CS has not responded and can’t help me. I find it odd that 2 people that live miles apart are having issues and only on the cams that are being shared. I have android and iphone, she has iphone. Our apps are up to date. Software is up to date. It makes no difference if we’re sharing the V3, V2 or Pan. Same issue. I have Spectrum. She has Verizon. We rebooted the apps, the phones, logged out of apps, logged back in. Set up cams as new, everything. Still not working. The minute we unshare the cams work again. It is not on our end. It’s on there’s.

What does “die” mean when talking about camera behavior? No live view? Powered off?

So if I understand correctly, this is what is happening:

  1. Start off will no shared cameras. Camera A works fine, live view fine, operating nominal.
  2. You share camera a to the other user.
  3. Other user accepts the share, now camera a “dies” and neither user can use any functions of camera a?
  4. Remove the share, now camera a is not “dead” and both users can use camera a nominally?

Is that on the right track?

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It won’t power on no matter how many times you unplug from the wall or for how long unless we stop sharing the cams and even then it seems to be spotty. But yes that is what is happening. The cam I shared with her works again after she stops sharing (for me as no longer sharing she can’t see it) and the cam she shared with me works again after she stopped sharing. She can see but I can’t .

Have they responded yet?

What does the status light do when a camera is shared? I am wondering if this is a upload speed or bandwidth issue.

Status light does nothing as the cam will not power on when shared with another user.