Sharing broke

I am not sure what recent version broke it (Now 2.33.0),… but it appears to have broke sharing. 1 share shows 2 devices. When I select them, no devices are there… when I try to share devices, none show up. When I try to to update or delete the shared user, it just sits and spins… even though the shared user got a notice a shared device was removed. Not really sure how that happened because I never saw a shared device not did it ever appear to finish ‘Update’.

I have a situation where a person I share with changed his E-Mail address. That screwed things up.

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Try clearing your app cache in account > app settings

Interesting. I wonder if this is intentional to ensure it can’t easily be shared to someone other than who the owner intended. For example, When I share a device, I tell Wyze they have permission to share it with a certain email address only. If that person tries to change their email address, maybe Wyze locks up access to them until I approve that it is the same person or something? I would think that it should only care about it being the same account though. Did you fix it by revoking the share and sharing it to the new email address?

I think the real problem in this case is how Wyze has structured their database. In the past they used the email address as the “Primary Key” for the account…whereas most databases would have an account number as the primary key, and just use the email address as a unique field that is part of the account, but editable without messing up anything on the account. It is really hard to correct this once you’ve grown to millions of accounts with tons of different database tables…but I think they’re trying. Interesting example here of why it can be problematic to assign a necessary changeable field like the email address as the primary key though. I hope you resolved it.

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