Shared User Cannot View Video Clip From Master User

Here is the scenario

Using Wyze Cam 4 with SD card installed
User A - Master user
User B - (shared user)

User A records video, can see the video clip in his own Video Album but User B cannot see that video in his own Video Album , User A has to hit Share button to send a link so User B can view the video clip from User A

Same thing happens when User B records a video clip, user A cannot see video clip from user B

Is there a way so that when User A or User B records a video clip that both users can see that video clip in their own video album?

I think you are not understanding what you should be seeing. When you record a clip, you are recording it to your own phone - NOT to the camera. No other phone should be able to see any file on your phone. If that were to happen, would constitute a MASSIVE security breach.

ok, didn’t know that

Then what is the SD card used for then?

The uSD card is used when the camera records video - not the user on their phone.

The uSD card can be set to either Events only or continuous recording under advanced settings.
Personally I have a uSD card in every one of my cameras and they are all set to continuous recording.


I’m User B (shared user) and don’t see an Advance Settings option to set recording mode . When I click on SD card option, it says "Local Storage cannot be accessed by Shared users)

So I am assuming that only Master user can set camera to record Event or continuous recording?

Also, if I set to Continuous Record mode, what happens if the SD card get full?

It overwrites the oldest files. Search Loop recording.

That i correct. A shared user is limited on what they can do on a camera that is shared with them. The account owner that has the camera retains full control. A shared user also can not view uSD card recordings - by intent.
There has been a wishlist item for several years to give the account owner at least some control over what a shared user can see and do.

Your boss would need to pay for cam plus sub. It’s the only way for you to see “the camera recorded clips”.