Shared AccessThermostat control on separate iPhones

My wife is blind and wants to use the Voiceover features of ther iPhone to control the Wyze thermostat and so do I because it is at one end of a 50’ long narrow apartment. I am well aware of the possible battles over control, but we will not buy if dual control is not possible. And of course all of the discussion of shared camera access is pointless as she can’t see them.

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@mikefirth, here is another topic along the same lines you might want to check out and vote for:
Accessible Wyze Thermostat

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If you install the Wyze app on both devices using the same sccount you would both have control.

Not sure how your camera comment relates to the topic.

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You may install the Wyze app on both phones and use the same account as mentioned, or you can create separate accounts and share the thermostat from the main account(the account used to setup the device). The thermostat is compatible with Amazon Alexa so you could control it using your voice that way, but it’s currently not compatible with Siri so you won’t be able to control it that way.