Shared 46 devices with wife: lost all data

I shared 46 devices, Home Monitoring. The moment she clicked accept I was logged out, and my account info wasn’t able to be found by tech support. I opened a new account using the same email. was able to assign most devices to new account, however Lock Bolt, Thermostat are bricks. Unable to access my Unlimited Cam Plus. it shows In Services.wyze, but not in app. Wyze wizards are basically no help. Everyone says escalated. 30 hours later, no HVAC control, unable to use front door. Any advice?

Did you reset the thermostat from the unit itself? You should be able to press the dial and hold for around 15s to fully reset the device. That usually get it to point you can reinstall it.

Yes, I factory reset the device ftom the menu settings

As you probably know, that was not a good plan. Everything and I mean everything is tied to your account. You’ve probably already realized that all your subscriptions are gone (and with Wyze you can’t cancel and get any refund to repurchase.) You really need to press support to escalate the issue and get things back. There is absolutely NO reason sharing of things in the app should do this. They need to step up and find a solution.


Support has reached out. Theyre going to prorate refund my cam plus subscription, and issue a warranty replacement for my thermostat, and Bolt Lock. Everything else has been able to migrated to the “new” account which is using the samw email as my previous account. Thanks for talkng the time to reply.

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