Several WYZE products...need to install

Need to set up wireless base, cameras, lightbulbs, and new Home Monitoring Bundle,
Have powered camera in Back Yard, battery camera in driveway kinda working thru a wireless base. Trying to integrate all products and find bet way to program them?

Welcome to the Wyze community @kkane714!
What types of integration are you thinking? Please elaborate if possible. More details will help the community help you.
One way to trigger Wyze products with each other is to use Wyze rules. Definitely take a look here for more information:

In terms of third party integration, Wyze works with Amazon, Google, and IFTTT. More information here:

The Wyze Cam Outdoor (battery powered) is the only camera requiring the base station, you can set it up via WiFi for better signal strength.

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