Setup error with Roku Home app and adding devices

I also asked the forums about this question. Any wyze techs have any ideas how to make this work?

Hello, I’m having difficulty adding a wired outdoor camera to the Roku home app. The camera model is WYZEC3 v3 (same as CW2000/CW2000R).

I get to the press setup button part. Camera says “ready to connect”, in the app I select the checkbox. App asks for wifi info, I enter it, then it shows a qr code. I point the camera at the app. Camera says “qr code scanned”. I select the checkbox in app “qr code scanned”, app says ‘connecting. This may take a moment.’ A few seconds later the camera says “Connection timeout. Please rescan qr code” App still shows 'connecting."

I’ve tried a few different 2.4 wifi networks, and tried the setup using different devices with roku home installed. I don’t know why the setup isn’t working, Its the same exact camera hardware. Oct.20.2022.

How do I get the wyze v3 to show up on Roku Home?

Wyze cams are not compatible with the Roku app. You must buy the Roku cam from Roku to use it with the Roku smart home app


I did this experiment a few days ago.

The QR code on the Roku is not recognized by the Wyze app, so I ran into a brick wall.


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