Settings questions

Since the band does not come with a complete owners manual nor can i find one on line then flying by the seat of my pants.

In settings then do not disturb (on the band not on the App) what are smartmode and fixed time??

The DND settings can be accessed in the Wyze app as well as on the band itself.

This is what I found for fixed time and smart mode.

Fixed time is a set on/off time. Smart mode uses the sensors to determine when you’re asleep.

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I took me a while to track down how to access those, but your post gave me faith. I knew I had used it but could not remember how. Thanks!
@Sethm1- It’s as @towelkingdom said. Under App/Settings/Notifications/Do Not Disturb.

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I should have posted where to find the DND settings, sorry for the oversight!

It’s in the notifications section of the Wyze Band settings.

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Thanks guys. I have notifications off in the App, so now know why could not find DND there. Now have more understanding of smartmode vs fixed.

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