Setting up (practical) events +weekends +snooze

Has anyone found a way to configure motion events…for a realistic household…on the Wyze Cam v2? I have several issues with the simplistic event setup that make it so frustrating that I end up keeping it off all of the time. Would love to find a way to make this useful, or I may as well get rid of the camera.

Problem 1: Fixed 7-day schedule. My schedule varies, and having events turned on at the exact same time 7-days means I’m generating dozens of events on the weekends and weekdays that i’m around during the day. There are also lapses in event detection when it’s disabled and I’m not home. Then add a few unpredictable roommates, and the constant notifications are just begging to be turned off permanently.

Problem 2: Manual event on/off is clunky (and shouldn’t be necessary). To try and work around issue #1, I’ve added motion event ON/OFF shortcuts to the app. The problem is that scheduling and manual control step all over each other. Look at app’s event recording screen outside ‘enabled’ hours? “Detects motion/sound” sliders show conflicting information. If I turn off events manually…will they turn back on at the scheduled morning time? Can’t even tell if they’re on now!! I suspect these features were not designed to be used together.

Suggestion 1: Better Scheduling. Most modern schedules allow to choose different schedules for different days. This would go a long way to reduce unwanted notifications, especially on the weekends.

Suggestion 2: SNOOZE
A nice easy way to handle unpredictable people (…e.g. all people) might be to add a snooze feature. I would love to leave events enabled all of the time, and hit “snooze for X-hours” when a random event came in. Would also allow me to get rid of the manual on/off events, avoiding all of the #2 problems.

Any other suggestions?

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If you search the forum for IFTTT, there are several members on here who have automated geo-fencing with it.

You can also create and automate shortcuts inside the app. The guide to that is on the page below.


Any planned product features that would address this? The workarounds don’t quite cover my concerns. IFTTT geofencing might work if I lived alone. I currently use shortcuts with disappointing results - unclear state messaging/setup in the app and constant manual control make this a very unreliable system.

You can use the Life360 app to trigger multi person geo fencing in IFTTT.


Hello @sparky1, I currently use the way @Loki mentioned and it does support multi people.

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I created a button in my Wyze app that turns off all inside cams when push a single button.