Setting avatar picture in my profile

Having a issue with setting up a custom picture for my avatar in my profile, also noticed that when I try choose from just the profile that is automatically added to my profile… when I choose use my pics it does not do anything.
It just stays on that selection screen and doesn’t bring any choices for me to use.
I use SwiftKey and my phone is Galaxy 8+.

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Never tried from my phone. Works fine on a PC.

I’m having same issue. Using Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

So far I have heard nothing new on this issue, people say works on pc, but from my knowledge there is no pc version of app. So I guess I will deal with what I have.

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What browser are you using?


Are you allowing google to access your photos?

I think he’s referring to the profile picture in the Wyze app, in that case Google has nothing to do about it. I have tried it right now in my Galaxy Note 8, and it worked for me. But it’s a little bit tricky because you have to choose the photo (I did this with the gallery app) and then it will ask you again to choose an app to cut the photo (I did this with Google photos) and finally it will “restart” and you will be able see you profile picture.

Oh, I don’t have mine set I wouldn’t see a need why. :slight_smile:

I’d still check if the app has permissions to the photo gallery.

I understand you, I did not have mine set either, I only did it to help him. :joy:

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There are two separate avatars, so we need to clarify which we are discussing:


The avatar for the Wyze app can only be set from within the Account tab in the app. It cannot be set or viewed on the website. That said, I am not aware of anywhere that this avatar is actually used, so it really doesn’t matter. EDIT: The app avatar is used when commenting in the Discover section of the app.


The avatar for the forum is separate from that within the Wyze app. This avatar should be able to be changed either on a phone (mobile web browser) or computer (desktop web browser). To change your forum avatar:

  1. Click your existing avatar top right
  2. Click the gear icon in the popup window
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the avatar
  4. Click Custom Picture, then UPLOAD PICTURE
  5. At this point, on a computer, you should see a file dialog pop up. On a phone, you should see a share sheet pop up to access your photo library/gallery, take photo, or choose file. Your mobile web browser (not the Wyze app) needs phone permission to access these locations.
  6. Making this change to the forum avatar from within the Wyze App’s Account > Help & Feedback > Forum should be the same as mobile browser. But it it gives you trouble, try directly in the mobile browser instead.

Does not work - tried setting profile photo in app and after selecting image and tapping Done, just blinks without doing anything.

Yeah all permissions for Google are on, I have tried clearing catch and a number of different things. But no luck, am at work now but I will try again tonight.

I remember having all kinds of trouble uploading my picture. I ended up using a different browser to make it happen.

When I comment on a video in the “Discover” section of the app, it uses the photo and nickname that is set in the app

Thanks. Good to know. I’ll amend my post.