Set up Cameras at groceries shop and cameras at home

Hello I have questions. Would it posible like to set up 5 cameras at my groceries shop and 5 cameras at my home in one iPhone? if not what is the maximum each place can I do?




Yes, there is no specific limit. I currently have 12 set up and 2 more waiting to go. Mine are all in one location, but I know of no reason they can’t be in different locations. Just make sure your phone is connected to the local wifi when you set up each camera. If you ever move one from home to shop, you would have to set it up again on that local wifi.

One thing to keep in mind… the app currently has no way to reorder the cameras in the display. They are in the order in which you set them up. Hopefully there will be an app update that will eventually let us reorder the cameras. But for now, Consider making sure you set them up in the order that you want them to appear in the app (eg. all the shop ones first, then all the home ones, or vice versa).

P.S. You might want to edit your post and remove your phone number so it’s not collected by call spammers.