Services tab bug

When I go to the services tab on the app, scroll down to the unlimited plan and click on “add camera” and close the pop up . The screen automatically goes back up and does a refresh automatically and continues doing it while jittering up and down .

I can back out of the screen but when I go to “add cameras “ and close the pop up it continues doing it

Here’s an example

This is all I could upload bc the size was too big but I hope this shows it

I have cleared the app cache , force closed the app, and deleted it and installed it again and the issue still persists

I’m on iPhone 14 on 16.1

The app version I’m running is 2.37.0 (12)

LOG ID 803349


Weird, on mine when I hit close on the add devices prompt it refreshes once, doesn’t jitter like that. This is on IOS as well

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Mine still jitters for a second or two .