Services - cannot find the heading on iPhone

I cannot find the “Wyze Services” heading. I have gone to accounts but cannot find it. I would like to set Personal Detection but impossible to do without me finding that heading.

I go to Home/ click on Account/ but no “Services” My firmware on all 6 cams show uptodate I have restarted the cams, restarted my iPhone and none of my iPads show Wyze Services.

Only for Android? I even looked at today’s video where it is shown goto accounts/ goto services/ goto Wyze services. I do not even see 'Services" much less Wyze Services

Please help

As I answered below, my Apple App Store updates finally showed Wyze app needing update. I did and NOW I see Wyze Services. I guess I can stop screaming now.

My iPad has it listed second, right below Device Sharing in the Accounts tab.

Running iOS app v2.4.65. Have you updated the Wyze app as well as the firmware?

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Right below Device Sharing is “Notifications”. This is why I am going crazy… And yes I am up to date on firmware.

EDIT: I had already checked to see if my Wyze app needed updating and did not appear. I just checked now and I am now updating to 2.4.65. Whoops - just updated and there it is!!!

Thanks for the heads up - it took awhile and yes server was probably overloaded.

I really thought I was going to lose my sanity!

Do you have today’s version of the app? (v2.4.65 for iOS, v2.4.82 for Android)

I’m having the same issue on my Apple Iphone and Samsung Android. However, my firmware update is showing 4.10.108

That’s probably my problem. The App Store is showing my app up to date with the v2.4.34. App store not showing the new v2.4.65 yet for me to update. Is there another way to update?

Thanks - I finally saw it, did the update on App store and there it is. Funny it did not even show when I first looked. Problem solved. Thanks for the reply!

It failed the first time I tried to update but second time was OK

Finally! App Store finally woke up for me. I got the new version.

Pull down the list of apps to be updated to refresh it.