Septic Tank Sensor - Not a crappy idea

Create a stand alone device to measure the capacity of the septic tank so users could pull up the estimation to better plan for their upcoming usage.

The practical application (especially for a seasonal cottage) is arriving for the weekend with friends and hearing the alarm sound which then requires all guests to adjust the water consumption throughout the weekend. If there was easy access from offsite to recognize a group of people were arriving one could decide whether a septic pumping should occur before the weekend.

As an emergency alert it could advise you that the septic is filling up too quickly which could indicate a faucet leak or a toilet running and allow remedy before the tank is overfilling.

Lastly an auto generated email when septic tank reaches preset level could allow one touch automatically generated email to the user septic provider to request a septic pumping.

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Do you have just a tank or a proper tank and leach field? With normal tank and leach field system like mine, it’s designed for the tank to always be full with solids sinking to the bottom where they break down and the liquid on top draining to the field. A sensor would only work if the contents reaches the very top above the output to the field and by then it’s kind of too late.

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We just have tank, no room for field…

Ah, I see where for you a level sensor would be useful.