Separate HMS Application from Wyze App

It is time to separate the Home Monitoring section from the Wyze App. I believe the app has become too complex to maintain with so many different functions in a single app. Over and over I see problems arise with HMS that may have not have been due to a change in the actual HMS code. A serious home security system should not be keeping up with sprinklers, robot vacuums, scales …

Well that would be nice,but I don’t see it in the pipeline

I’m not sure how it would work. You need to have access to the hub, keypad, sensors and cameras as well as CamPlus. Presumably, in the future, there would be integration with bulbs, switches and sockets. So which products would you include in the HMS app?

I agree with you regarding the whole thing getting too complex with too many products, but that seems to be the new Wyze.

I just installed a system in my daughter’s new house. She switched her ISP, thus a new router. The SSID and PW stayed the same. Now she has the “Unable to load monitoring settings” white screen of death. There is no cure at the moment. Fortunately, I had set up the keypad so the system can be armed. Now, I am waiting for the next update. I am in the Beta program, but no longer take the new updates for fear it taking my system down. It has happened before.
Anything that is interactive with security should be added to the HMS, and that code could also remain in the consumer app.

That probably wouldn’t make any difference. They are tinkering with the code which would happen whether or not the HMS was separated from the other consumer stuff. The problem you mention is with the HMS firmware/code.