Sensors stop working

Does sensors works only with subscription?
Mine stop working after subscription ends…


No subscription necessary. Must be a coincidence.

Troubleshoot Sensors Here


Welcome to the Wyze community!
The Wyze sensors don’t require any subscription. Cam Plus is the only subscription based service and it doesn’t have any affect on the sensors.
Please give more information:

  • Is your sensor bridge and the camera that it’s plugged into on the latest firmware?
  • How far away are the sensors from the bridge?
  • how did the sensors work (how reliable were they) before you paid for the Cam Plus subscription?
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@bursacos Welcome!

Wyze Sense Troubleshooting

  1. Turn off the cam with the bridge installed
  2. Remove the bridge and then turn cam back on wait until it connects
  3. Plug the bridge back in and let it connect

It’s not recommended to use the bridge in a Wyze Cam Pan. They are known to be unstable with the sense bridge due to voltage drop or insufficient current.

If available use a v2 cam for the bridge.


Yes that’s it. Thaaanks!!


Great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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But already three times in two weeks I need to repeat this :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s certainly not the intended behavior. How far away are the sensors from the bridge?

A possible workaround would be to create a rule to automatically restart the cam with the bridge around midnight. Additionally, using a smart plug will allow the cam to go through a complete power cycle.

Fortunately for me, I’ve only had to reset my sensors a couple of times this whole year.


Motion sensor is only one with two lines of signal strength…I will wait little bit more before order smart plug or to make a restart rule.
Thanks :pray: