Sensors not registering motion or open closed status

I have countless motion and contact sensors, and recently have encountered issues with them. The contact sensors will register open when they are closed, and stay like this. The motion sensors will register motion when there hasn’t been motion for hours. Only way I can get them to become clear or return to close etc, is to delete them and re-add them. Then only for them to do it all over again. I have reset the camera with the bridge in it. Have removed the bridge and let sit for 15 min, then reinstalled. Logged out of the app. And have had no success. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried clearing cache and/or data for the Wyze app in your phone OS? You would do that through the phone settings. For example:

SettingsSelect “Wyze” in the app listStorage

There you should see “Clear data” and “Clear cache” listed. Try clearing the cache first, and then look at the Wyze app. If that doesn’t work, then clear the data. You won’t lose anything because your settings are saved on the Wyze servers. You will then need to log back into the app.

Hope that helps!

I’ll try this. Thx

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I’ve always had issues with this. I’ve just accepted it. Next day the sensors are correct again. The issue I’m having now is my wyze bulb stopped working with all rules and schedules in relation to times or triggers. Talking to tech support about this ongoing

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: