Sensors lose pairing when changing battery

I have recently installed 5 cameras and 8 contact sensors. Several of the sensors showed low battery within a few days so I have been replacing the batteries. On the first 5 battery changes 2 of the sensors powered back up and worked as normal but the other 3 seemed to lose connection with the bridge. The showed the same state as when the old battery was removed (open or closed) and still showed low battery. Wasnt sure how to correct so I deleted these sensors in the app and paired them again with the bridge as a new sensor - after that they worked fine and showed correct battery status.
Is it normal to lose pairing during a battery change ? Any reason it is only some of them ? Not a big deal but a bit of a nuisance to have to pair device again after battery change.

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I have not had to change a battery yet but I would think unless you took a really long time to change the battery which I’m sure you didn’t it would repair itself and you wouldn’t have to do it. But we will wait to see what other people who have changed batteries have to say.