Sensors go out with last ios app update!

Today, after updating the application of IOS 2.13.21, ALL MY SENSORS STOP WORKING, 2 door sensors and 1 PIR, they went offline, and beyond restarting the cameras (from the app) or disconnecting and reconnecting them at AC power, I could NEVER see them online again.
After 2 chat with customer assistance, the only possible option was to remove the bridge that remained in solid yellow, and I could reconnect part of them.
The big problem, that one of the affected cameras is 800 miles away, and the sensor is a security element in a house without people.
So far, I can’t get the technical support to reboot it remotely, so MY HOUSE IS UNPROTECTED.
It would be very good, that before releasing an update, they had the intelligence and respect to try and be sure of the collateral damage they can do!

Adding a smart plug to that cam that’s 800 mile away house is only half a solution.
Problem is you still need someone to reboot the bridge.

I’d try and clear out the cache and logout and in on the Wyze app.
Try a app reboot on that cam and the device it installed on.
Then wait a bit sometime things just fixes itself …