Sensor Timeline Details & Timestamps

Requesting option to show both open and closed and left open timestamps and entries in the sensor timeline or possibly the ability to drill to the detail or select which timeline entries to see. Details were discussed in this thread


I received and installed my new Sense sensors yesterday and been monitoring the activity in the sensor detail page. I turned on all notifications (open, closed, left open) and they have been working great!

One thing I noticed in the detail page for the sensor, the app only shows the “opened” status time and the “left opened” status time but doesn’t report the “closed” status time in the timeline. I receive the “closed” alert and I can infer from the timeline that the door was closed after the “left opened” time is reported. Do others see this as well (I’m guessing yes). I think it would be helpful to actually see the “closed” status reported in the timeline - others agree?

I just noticed that the Closed events do not appear in the timeline. I think normally when the open/close events occur within the same minute it’s fine to consolidate them into a single timeline entry, but if more than 1 minute elapses between the Opened and Closed events I would probably want to have them broken out.

Or, perhaps an arrow that would expand a single timeline entry to show to the timestamp for both Opened and Closed events.

You are right, I left open a sensor for 28 mins and it only shows the “left opened” in the timeline, not the open time or the close time. The time next to that entry was the time it opened. My “opened” timeline entries show when it is less than 1 min and “left opened” appears to show for anything greater than a minute.

Kind of leads to another thought, it appears the sensor is treated as a “normally closed” sensor - wonder if there could be an option to pick between normally open or normally closed behavior.

Good thought. I assume most use cases would be for a “normally closed” situation like an entry door or cabinet. I can definitely think of some places where you might only want to know if it’s closed. Have you tried disabling Opened notifications and see if the Closed ones show up in the timeline?

Good idea, I just tried disabling the “open” alert and opened and closed the sensor, the timeline still only shows the “opened” status for the 10 seconds I had it open and doesn’t show closed. Another problem though, I didn’t get a “closed” alert even though that was still active in settings.

Good to know. I only set mine up yesterday so I haven’t had much time to extensively test all the options. Maybe @WyzeGwendolyn can find out if this is expected behavior or a bug?

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We were concerned about how cluttered the timeline looked if we had both opened and closed events in there so we removed the closed ones (as you’ve all noticed). I’ll pass your feedback on to the team. :slight_smile:


is there a way to select what events you’d like to see in the timeline? so if you want to see closed events, then check that off, but if you don’t want to see it, leave it off?

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Well now that I’ve had some time to test at home I do see that under the Opened event there is a duration in seconds or minutes so it is showing the time between the opened event and closed event. That’s actually all I need, I just didn’t notice before.

However, I can still see that being a problem for someone who is more interested in the actual closed event, so the option to display either/both events in the timeline would still be useful.

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@islandsnow, we don’t have that ability at this point of time. But it’s now in the Wishlist! :slight_smile:

@thequietman44, thanks for your feedback!

I would also love to see the seconds on the timestamp to really know the exact moment the open/closed event is triggered.

Yep @macutan. Need seconds for many reasons, including home automation. That should be easy to fix, right? Don’t the cameras already log seconds?

That sounds like a great idea… So if you want to see both open and closed times then you have the option to do so.