Sensor schedule from PM one day to AM the next iOS

Schedules on sensors, thank you! However, i think i found a problem. I am on firmware on the cam, and on the bridge. Latest bits on everything as of September 17, 2019.

I went to make a schedule to trigger from 11PM in the evening to 6am the following morning and it spouted off an error about the ending time cannot be before the starting time. I think the software should be able to figure out that 6am is the following day.

I would probably go bonkers buying sensors for doors and windows, but i want triggering to happen at night when we are all tucked in bed for the night.

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Hi @jeremy.r.cleveland welcome to the community!!!

This is a known issue that they are working on, one option to get it going for you until it is fixed properly is to set 2 different rules… one on at 11pm and one off at 6am

Here is another thread talking about this same issue:


Thank you for the response. I tried to find someone reporting the same issue and failed to find it. Two rules, that is a great workaround. Thank you!