Sensor saying need to upgrade

The wyze sensor has the new option for is left closed instead of just is jleft open. This is great for remembering that my washing machine is done. Howevwr, when I select it, it says I need to upgrade my firmware. When I select that, it says I’m up to date. I emailed care and they said try disconnecting the device and reinstalling the app. I did both of those and still it doesn’t work. Any help from anyone out there?

Thank you.

Just for kicks is the bridge firmware up to date also

Yes, everything is up to date.

Remove/reinstall the battery from the sensor and then try it. Sometimes this corrects the problem.

Reset Sensor

  1. Use the included Reset Pin to poke the reset button on the sensor you’re adding, and hold it in until you see the red light flash at least 3 times

Sense Setup Guide

I already tried that :slight_smile: Took battery out, deleted device from my account, and reinstalled it. The screenshot I posted is after I did that.

That’s the pits :upside_down_face: I would stay in touch with support. Also post your support ticket number so they can assist you further on this issue. @WyzeGwendolyn will be glad to help you get this resolved.

My ticket is 286530.

There’s not a whole lot I can do once someone is already in contact with support. That said, @steveg99, I checked on your ticket and it looks like enough time passed before your response that your ticket was unassigned. I sent it over to someone else though I apologize for not getting to this until support was already leaving the office. You probably will not hear back until tomorrow.

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