Sensor Disconnect or Low Battery or neither?

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I’m not sure if this is where to bring up a potential bug with the sensor but here it is.
I have experianced loss of signal, low battery and off line conditions associated with what I believe can be contributed to the tooling of the sensor housing. On the inside of the sensor base, the portion with the adhesive, there is a raised cross of plastic that presses againist the battery that should securely hold the battery in place. I believe that this raised plastic cross is not quite prominent enough to serve its function under some conditions. I discoverd this because I have placed the sensor on the door instead of the door jam. The action of the door closing has a tendency to throw the battery out of the battery bracket. Thus indicating a fault. A lot of comments that I have seen on the public site regarding sensor problems could be contributed to this condition.
I hope this information may be of use to all.

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You may have a point there. If this is the case with battery, it could cause some problems. I have mine mounted on the door like that too so if it starts giving me problems, I will check the battery compartment .